October 30 2018

Simantex, Inc. Launches New Web Site for Artificial Intelligence - Showcases Athena™ – An AI Solution for Sports and Gaming

Providence, Rhode Island. — 10/30/2018 — Simantex today announced it has launched a new website dedicated to its Athena Platform. The website is highly educational and provides detailed insights into the company’s revolutionary approach to professional & eSports fraud detection and performance improvements

AI is the next disruptive technology to promise a huge impact on all forms of gaming. The company’s new website coincides with its launch of Athena, designed to be the most advanced fraud detection and performance improvement system for professional sports and gaming. Athena leverages the company founders’ deep expertise in AI, sports, and legal gaming; to create solutions that ensure the integrity of contests, and the legalized wagering associated with them.

Broad-based sports wagering in North America is emerging as a state-sponsored activity. Increased wagering creates more pressure and incentives for athletes to be corrupted and to cheat (e.g., play to lose). Furthermore, a government’s endorsement and profit share make it a business partner. With the state’s reputation on the line, nothing short of zero-tolerance for scandal will suffice.

"Athena builds player behavior profiles, comparing predicted simulated responses to live game play,” said Simantex’s CTO and co-founder Brian Kennedy. “It also looks across the data universe outside of the contest for possible influences or fraud."

Simantex will apply Athena to promote contest integrity in the emerging world of eSports, established professional sport leagues, and casino gaming. This development comes on the heels of Simantex’s acceptance to the NVIDIA Inception program, which is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

About Simantex, Inc.

Simantex is a leader in the application of diverse Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to create actionable solutions for business, integrating both “black box” and our proprietary “white box” approaches. Leveraging our deep expertise in AI, sports and legal gaming, we create solutions that ensure the Integrity of contests, and the legalized wagering associated with them.

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